Impacting People Globally

Globally, there are billions of people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. God has called LHM to proclaim the risen Savior around the world to reach these people. Operating as a global ministry network, LHM spreads the Gospel in places where other Christian evangelistic organizations often cannot go, reaching all people who need to hear the Good News.

For decades, LHM has shared Christ’s love with the world through a proven approach of identifying and equipping local laypeople to build their presence and impact using specific strategies and tactics contextual to the culture and language in which they serve.

Further building on that model, LHM is investing in a new approach to global ministry expansion with the development of coordinated ministry activities through centralized regional locations that share media, creative, and strategic services to allow for globally dispersed ministry impact. The catalyst is a new program called the International Internship Program, which provides new ministries in the form of internship teams identified and developed through existing ministry center hubs.

Over the next five years, LHM envisions a multidivisional global mission rooted in localized regional leadership. This will be paired with a new evangelistic ministry model based on LHM’s core outreach philosophies to be applied in all regions around the world – resulting in strengthened local ownership, revenue generation, and constituent engagement. Ultimately, these plans will allow LHM to reach more people around the world with the hope and comfort of the Gospel.