Impacting People Right Where They Are

In today’s increasingly polarized society, it is often easy to feel discouraged and disconnected from others, even those closest to us. We may feel divided by politics, race, or religion. What if every Christian saw his or her neighbor as a gift from God with gifts to share? How would that change how we view, interact with, and serve our neighbors?

During a time when people are searching for hope, community is more important than ever. We are answering the question, “How can I bring hope to my neighborhood?” We can use our individual gifts to make a real difference right where we are, among the neighbors we know and those we have not yet met but see every day. Our faith, put into action on a local level, can make an immediate and personal impact in our neighborhood and beyond.

Can you imagine what would happen if Christians rediscovered this call to share the Gospel in deeds? If history is an indicator, God could use our good deeds to gain a hearing for the Gospel, and according to His will, draw our non-Christian neighbors to the faith. This concept is really nothing new for us at LHM. Gathering at the local level and building genuine relationships with people close to us have been in the DNA of our organization since we were founded more than a century ago. This 21st century approach will allow us to bring people together in an age of division while sharing the Gospel both in word and deed.

Understanding our giftedness and using those gifts to bless others can help us build strong connections with those around us. It is exciting to think about the impact of millions of Christians around the world loving their neighbor. Together, we can make it a reality.